Time travel Objects

This section of my website shows some of my work exploring the nature of time through a variety of objects I have created.

Certain objects help us understand and transcend  time illusions. We are transported to another place, another time through their evocative nature.   



Time Machines

I’ve built the skin on frame boats using Inuit techniques. They are meant to be a kind of time machine. I also made a variety of musical instruments to be a integral part of the way they work. This includes a miniature piano key board, hammer dulcimer, drums, xylophone, music box, whistles and flutes. All of these instruments you can play and play with.

TIME Objects

This work represents some of my experiments with objects and object making.  I am interested in our relationship with things. How we think, feel and experience knowing as well as unknowing through objects. 


My time travel books  are one of kind artist books. Constructed of Handmade paper, hand painted pages, and original intaglio prints   combined with found objects.   Combining these objects with words is a way  of exploring the experience of sounds and memories  


 Time Machines

Model numbers  1813 and 1964,  2006

     In 1813, my paternal Great Great Grandfather, Abishai Crossman, was born in the Adirondack Mountain Region of Upstate New York.  He was a farmer and wood worker.  He lived and worked his entire life near water… Lake Champlain, the Erie Canal and the Thornapple River in Barry County, Michigan.      

      In 1964, I was twelve years old, it was also the year my father died. My father loved rivers, lakes and cars.  That year, we’d been trying to build a soapbox derby car together.  I didn’t get it finished before he died. I never finished it afterwards either.   

The shape of that derby car looked very much like these time machines. Even in its unfinished state it was beautiful.

      By the following year, I gave up on the idea of racing in the derby and I tried to repurpose the coaster car into submarine.  I almost drown, when I launched it into the lake we lived near.  

    In 1990 my mother lost her eyesight to a rare disease. She always loved  making things and was an expert seamstress. Alot of the clothes I wore growing up, she made. One of those things she took up after losing her sight was basket weaving.  Building these time machine using basketry techniques was a way for me to try and get in touch with her creativity and spirit. She flew away from this earth on her the ultimate time travel journey in 2006.

     Almost all the wood in the machines came from around the house where I lived at the time. Some of it was pruned, some was salvaged, some was from trees that had died.

     Time machines are chameleon like and can look like something they are not. This tendency has fooled many individuals.  You have  probably heard one rumbling across the landscape from time to time. They sound almost identical to the distant rumble and whistle of a freight train.                                                   

To operate:  Sync a identical note(s) in tone and rhythm to the sympathetic vibration of a star, constellation, or gobular cluster the capsule is pointed towards.  This will start the time machine.   The sustain unit will steer the capsule to the time when the light source you have matched was born.

 So far I haven’t got them to work :  )


Time Buckets


time bucket # 3

    I lived for 33 years in what was the first Quaker Meeting House in Grant County.  The building is over a century and a half old. It was transformed into a private residence some time during the 1950’s.

   Many of the pieces of these time buckets were discovered in a walled off basement room in this old meeting house, parts of old buckets that had fallen apart but never thrown away. I’m fairly certain when they were whole they were used as water and paint buckets by the Quakers who worshiped in the meeting house.

       The Quaker cemetery where many members of the church are buried is also on this land.  Most of the tombstones are from the 1800’s.  Many of the graves are unmarked , a Quaker tradition.  A couple of years ago a very old and beautiful red cedar tree that was growing in this cemetery was blown over in a violent storm.  Over the decades the roots of this old tree had grown and spread deep into this burial ground, tapping into the particles of those bodies buried there.

     In reforming and restoring the time buckets, I have joined them with the wood from this tree.  In a way, bringing together once again those people with the utensils they used while they occupied this place.   

   I have altered the buckets into variations of sacred spirals. I have also opened them along a side so they are no longer functional objects. I’ve also placed a hole in the bottom of each bucket. Each alteration implies a variety of metaphors.  The time buckets are intended to be a bridge between the past, present and future.  They carry time now instead of water.

Other Time Objects


                                    Time Travel Walking Stick and Cane

        Gravitational waves, which are small ripples in the fabric of space-time. Many researchers consider the sounds of our universe, those sounds detected by radio telescopes to be gravitational waves.  This machine must be synced with a gravitational wave to begin a time journey. 

      Note:   Gravitational Wave Synthesizers resemble drums, whistles, flutes, and all stringed instruments.

                                                   Gravity Control Stick

Gravity can be controlled and manipulated through the use of high voltage, superconductivity and high frequency, which is exactly what Professor John Searl did in the 1960s-1970s with his IGV(Inverse Gravity Vechicle)  His craft flew between the UK and New Zealand in 19 minutes, round trip, achieving mind boggling speeds through the use of these physics.

As scientists squandered the theory of the ether and rushed towards the field of Quantum Physics and Quantum Particle interactions Tesla predicted all this would be in vane, and that many years will pass before scientists wake up and begin their long trek in the opposite direction, back towards the truth.

The day he died, Tesla’ said:

“Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his works and accomplishments, the present is theirs, the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” – Nikola Tesla



Time Control Panel

This is several hundred 3″ x 3″ painted paper circles mounted on to a black paper background that is 8 feet by 8 feet. Each painted circle is a iconic cultural image from different time periods in human history.