On a sleepless night spent surfing youtube videos,  I ran across some obscure indie/documentary  film called High Wild and Free.   How could I miss with a title like that? I clicked the ok button on the remote.  The doc had been filmed in 1950’s and was a  travelogue / autobiography  of this filmmakers outdoor experience in the mountains of British Columbia . I stuck with it for a while and even enjoyed watching scenes of he and his friends flyfishing a remote mountain stream.

     The style of the film was narration over silent footage, kind of  1950’s Gadabout Gaddis the Flying Fisherman ( you can still find these episodes from the 1950’s and 60’s on youtube) meets the Red Green Show. Gadabout was my favorite Saturday TV show as a kid.  Eventually after a few scenes  of him and his friends fishing he got around to asking a question I had asked myself many times over the years.  

He said  …” I’ve been asked many times why I fish?”   Answering his own question  with narration over  a clip of a  him unceremoniously pulling a steelhead  out of the river on to the bank.    He proudly said “ I fish for one reason,  to please myself.”  

I’m still thinking about this answer…