On a sleepless night spent surfing youtube videos,  I ran across some obscure indie/documentary  film called High Wild and Free.   How could I miss with a title like that? I clicked the ok button on the remote.  The doc had been filmed in 1950’s and was a  travelogue / autobiography  of this filmmakers outdoor experience in the mountains of British Columbia . I stuck with it for a while and even enjoyed watching scenes of he and his friends flyfishing a remote mountain stream.

     The style of the film was narration over silent footage, kind of  1950’s Gadabout Gaddis the Flying Fisherman ( you can still find these episodes from the 1950’s and 60’s on youtube) meets the Red Green Show. Gadabout was my favorite Saturday TV show as a kid.  Eventually after a few scenes  of him and his friends fishing he got around to asking a question I had asked myself many times over the years.  

He said  …” I’ve been asked many times why I fish?”   Answering his own question  with narration over  a clip of a  him unceremoniously pulling a steelhead  out of the river on to the bank.    He proudly said “ I fish for one reason,  to please myself.”  

I’m still thinking about this answer…    

1 thought on “Reasons Why ?

  1. I believe that things which help us have greater awe and wonder are gifts from God. Anything that causes us to see that life is about much more than whatever is weighing heavily at this moment, increases our awareness of the love and goodness that is present in the darkest hours. Thank you for allowing your creativity to lift us to awareness of the divine…

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